Muto connects Bentley i-models to the Unity game engine, allowing AEC users to leverage the leading platform for creating interactive experiences.

With Muto for Unity, your presentations can be both intelligent and beautiful.

Simplified CAD interchange

With Muto, there is no complicated export process or need to modify your models before working with them in Unity.  Getting started takes only a few seconds, and your imported geometry is automatically optimized for performance and flexibility.  This optimization process makes working with large models much easier than you might expect.

BIM data included

By leveraging Bentley's next-generation i-model format, Muto is able to import the full set of Building Information Modeling (BIM) metadata associated with each DGN object.  The BIM data is then easily accessible anywhere within the Unity ecosystem, including the Unity Editor and your own scripts.  This unique capability unlocks unlimited options for data-driven presentation workflows.

Powerful and intuitive workflow

Muto extends the Unity Editor to make full use of your CAD file's intelligence with tools that assign behaviors and visual properties based on a robust pattern-matching interface.  Thanks to these tools, you can easily update your Unity application with each new iteration of the source CAD model.

Desktop, mobile and virtual reality templates

Muto includes user interface components and scripts that greatly simplify the process of building an intelligent design review application.  Whether you're targeting a Windows desktop, an Android tablet, an Oculus Rift headset, or any of the other myriad platforms supported by Unity, you can easily create an attractive and interactive environment.  Click here to try our demo application for Android.

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Cutting-edge graphics

Unity features a powerful display pipeline with the latest in real-time rendering advances.  If you haven't been following game technology, you may be surprised at what can now be rendered in a completely interactive environment.  Why spend countless hours on renderings that only produce still images?

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Distribute to any device

With support for 21 platforms and counting, there's no better way to extend the reach of your design presentation than Unity.  The skills and assets you develop will put you at the forefront of not just the platforms of today, but also the platforms of tomorrow.

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Robust ecosystem

Unity is the leading game engine, with over 4 million registered developers and more than 3 times the market share of its nearest competitor.  This huge community has generated a wealth of resources that make it easy to learn Unity and find the answer to almost any question.  Additionally, Unity features the fantastic Asset Store, with innumerable professional extensions and models available.

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Complete customization

Though it's easy to create simple applications and animations with Unity, you can also customize and extend your Unity application to do virtually anything you can imagine.  Unity supports C# as a scripting language and has strong integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, making it easy for even a novice programmer to be productive.

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